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All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be

Oh my God it's 2005.

I decided I should crawl out of my sekrit area of secrecy and talk about what I did for New Year's. On the 30th I got Half Life 2 and wow that game looks great. I didn't play it much because on the 31st we went downtown to Chicago to have a good time!

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We stayed at the Swissôtel, which was really nice and fancy. There was phone in the bathroom! With a DSL line in it! I don't know what people do with that thing. So then we just looked at the new and fancy Millenium Park with the Metallic Orb thing and all the modern art that was there which I think is ugly. Except for the aforementioned Metallic Orb.

Then we went up Michigan Avenue up to the Water Tower and went into some stores but I was like "Whatever". Then night fell and we went to some German restaurant I can't remember the name of. It was good; I had Sauerbraten, which was too sauer for my tastes, and it came with Spaetzles which are one of the greatest things man has ever created. I <3 Spaetzles.

THEN we went to go see the musical Spamlot, based off of that movie that everyone has seen, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. My God, it was excellent. Before the show, we were walking to the theatre, and lo and behold Hank Azaria (who is in the play) was walking across the street! So we said "Hi" to Hank Azaria!! Then we saw the play, which was excellent. Eric Idle attended the performance, and so did newsperson Diane Sawyer! Everyone loved it and I recommend it to all who can get tickets for it.

So afterwards we went back to our hotel room and watched New York City celebrate the New Year, then did nothing for a while. Then we went and watched the fireworks over Navy Pier from the comforts of the hotel. That was nice. Then we watched Conan and slept. Nothing else of interest happened.

So I'd say I had an awesome New Year's. I think I'm a gonna play Half Life. Bye.
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