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How many times must the cannonballs fly?

Okay, I'm over Halo 2.

I got an ear infection I think because I can barely hear out of my right ear. Teh suck. BUT today was super pimptastic awesome pwn hardcore. We watched the movie "Canadian Bacon" and as a Canadian I was swelling with pride. Also YAY ALAN ALDA!!!!!! and then I went to an a cappella concert which was awesome because there was Queen in there and how can you beat Queen. Oh, somehow we messed up and the movie was in French subtitles, and because it was about Canada only added to the hilarity. I learned such words as "Ouais" and "Connard". Those silly French. Oh, also yesterday due to flukes in just about everything I had 80 minutes of class, total. OWNED the end
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