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Welcome to the show

Well school is just dandy. I have overloaded my schedule by taking 7.5 classes and I love most of them. Here is my schedule for those of you who care:


The only class I really "dislike" is Ad. Chem. because it is difficult but I looked at the course specifics and it looks like more math and less memorizing, except of course in formulas. YAY FORMULAS!!!! I have three math classes in a row because I love math. The dotted line around Assembly Programming means I'm not actually enrolled in the class, will not recieve a grade, and am in no way obligated to ever show up. In other words, I had a break in my schedule there and I figured I could sit in on the class every now and then. Also the counselors are mean and won't let me take that many classes, but I'm showing them and half-taking it anyway. OWNED

So now I'm having loads of fun. I played D&D the other day and hoo-boy was that fun. So um like yeah. Woop woop.
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Mine consists of PE (Walking), Physics, AP Calculus, and American Literature. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have homework to do.