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Dude, one time on the Spanish channel

I installed Gentoo for no reason because I think it's better than Fedora. So now I am copying files and mySQL databases. Fun fun fun. Yay for customization!

I was randomly wandering about the Internet and I found this gem of a comment on Slashdot. It's so true; I know while installing Gentoo I would have liked to have X.org useable, or even gentoo.org. But sadly they have forty billion links. :( Oh well.
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Deleted comment

I hope to one day be a 1337 computer person, so I code random things with PHP/mySQL. That's about all I use it for. I like to save everything I create for no reason, so that's why I'm copying them.
Well, you're not.

haha, jk.

Good luck with the whole Gentoo thing. I'll stick with what works for me -- FreeBSD.
This journal is infinitely easier to read than mujin's, so anything he has to say is invalid until readable.
I'll make my journal readable some time this weekend, dont' worry.

Also, did you notice all I really said was "good luck"? Are you saying that's invalidated?