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Kerker und Drachen

Well, I decided I would talk about the D&D campaign because it's not
like I talk about anything else in this journal. We've just finished my
first stint as DM, after having everyone meet Thor and get special stuff
and then some evil people dying because, you know, Thor don't like that.
So now someone else is DMing and so the three survivors of Thor's might
are walking through forest and then the random encounters begin.

I'm a rogue because rogues are awesome, and my fellow players are a
Minotaur Fighter/Barbarian or something and an Elven Cleric. So then I'm
sleeping and then three griffons come who evidently have awesome
grappling powers over all of us. Two get the minotaur, who is the
powerhouse, and one holds him in the place while the other beats the
crap out of him. I am sneaking as a rogue does, I stab one, but with one
swipe he knocks me out cold onto the ground bleeding. We proceed to look
like we are almost going to die, but then the minotaur rages, grapples
the griffon back, I am healed and sneak attack with a shortbow from like
20 ft, and they all DIE.

Some more stuff happens, we fight some wounded hill giants or something,
and we meet the other two members of our group, a Halfing Paladin and a
Monk of some sort. Then we come upon a wyvern which suck. Oh, the
Paladin is riding a celestial bee because that makes a lot of sense.
Also, he has a lance. Yeah. In any case, the wyvern proceeds to sting
the guy with the bee a bit, while we all stand in a line and ready
actions to own the thing, except for me who is trying to cast lightning
bolt off a scroll but I SUCK at it, and the Monk who is going to catch
the Paladin when he falls.

Of course, he does, and miraculously the two only take 9 damage each,
despite it being a 70ft fall. Then the wyvern comes for us, and we try
to kill it, but we fail. The Monk tries to chase after it, and he DIES.
Just when it seems the wyvern is going to get away, my lightning bolt
FINALLY works and because of its absurdly long range I hit it from like
400ft away and it FALLS DEAD. Boo yah. The end.
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